Thursday, 28 February 2013

When you are so sweet and loving,how much more sweet and loving our SweetHeart(God) should be?

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Essence: Sweet children, your remembrance is uncommon. You remember the One whom you don’t see with your eyes, and by remembering Him your sins are absolved.

Question: Which one habit should you renounce so that all virtues automatically develop?
Answer: You have been body conscious for half the cycle and that habit has become firm. Now renounce that habit. Remember Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) who is the most beloved. When you don’t have remembrance of bodily beings, all qualifications will develop and all defects will be removed. The soul will then become an ocean of purity and the mercury of happiness will remain high. All virtues will automatically come.

Song:     Salutations to Shiva (Benefactor).

Sweet Children,
The more you remember GodFather, that much your intellect will become pure. People have forgotten the One who gives liberation. Certainly God comes and creates the Golden age. God comes only once in world cycle. Even the deities like Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan appear only once in the world cycle, they don’t have the same features again.
Only at this time of confluence age, you receive the inheritance of GodFather. This world drama is made of happiness and sorrow. Sri Ram and Sri Sita appear in silver age and they rule the kingdom. When God appears in the vicious world, He creates the virtuous world.
You receive the unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. God comes in every world cycle to create heaven. Initially (at the end of iron age) the bodiless Incorporeal God appears on earth to make you worthy to rule the kingdom of Golden age. Whatever images you have of deities are not accurate, they appear in practical during golden and silver ages.
In reality, it is the soul does everything. It is the soul who says I have become a barrister.  Your soul becomes knowledge-full at this time. God does not have a body of His own. I am Knowledge-full. I make you knowledge-full like Me. Other than GodFather no one can give you the True Knowledge. God is known as the Knowledge-full, the Blissful.
Like I have complete knowledge of world cycle within Me, I make you also knowledge-full like Me. By listening to the knowledge of the world cycle, you become the master of the world kingdom. Human beings do not have the knowledge of world cycle. God makes you like Him and hence you become deities-virtuous human beings in golden age.
God is the Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of purity-virtues, you also must become like Him. According to the drama, you become vicious for 2500years and I come and make you virtuous. God’s direction is to remember Me alone to become virtuous. If you remember bodily beings, you become defective. You make the Bharat in to heaven by means of purity-virtues.
You are in the battlefield at this time to win over the vices-maya. You have to become the Ocean of knowledge and purity like GodFather, you have to get rid of body consciousness. When you are a soul, from where you got this body consciousness? Neither God nor soul have a body in reality, then why do you come into body consciousness? The body and physical things which are worth not a penny get destroyed. You need not remember those things which are not worth a penny.
People ask for peace of mind. This is a world of sorrows, how can you experience peace in this world of sorrows? Peace you experience only in the Soul world, the world of peace. Every soul wants to experience peace and you children who receive knowledge from GodFather go to the world of peace and happiness, heaven.
When soul appears in golden age, they are not affected by vices. Even when the soul comes for the first time on earth, they experience happiness because of their purity and later they experience sorrows due to body consciousness. Deity world sovereignty is your birthright.
Manmanabhav – remember the GodFather and receive the inheritance of heaven for 21births through GodFather.  Through the battle of MahaBharat, the world transformation would take place, all the souls would go back to their world of peace – soul world.
You children are spiritual guides. You see yourself as soul not a body. God takes only souls back home. You have to mention the bodiless-Incorporeal GodFather. All souls who are actors on earth are Imperishable and Immortal. Souls never die, this has to be understood clearly. You have received the inheritance from GodFather so many times and once again you would receive from God. When God had come to give you the inheritance, why not you receive from Him?
Just by chanting, you never receive liberation. You attain liberation by becoming pure-virtuous in nature. If someone had left the body for heaven, why they are called back to hell-world to feed them with food from hell? The mind becomes like what you eat. Now, it is the hell and in heaven-golden age only happiness exists. GodFather explains you very clearly but souls understand number-wise.
The first class is Sun dynasty, second class in Moon dynasty and third class is the subjects. Tickets are sold at this time, souls can collect whatever tickets they like.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Become an ocean of knowledge and an ocean of purity, like the Father. Practise being bodiless.
2.            Make your intellect pure by remembering the Father. Always keep the intoxication that you are claiming an inheritance for 21 births from the unlimited Father.

Blessing: May you be a constant yogi who is loved by the Father with your speciality of being detached and loving.
You can work out how much you are loved by the Father from seeing how detached you are. If you are a little detached and become trapped in something a lot more, you will then be loved just as much. The sign of those who are constantly loving to the Father is that they will have natural remembrance. Something lovely is naturally and constantly remembered. This One is loved cycle after cycle. How can you forget one so lovely! You only forget when you consider a person or possession to be lovelier than the Father. If you constantly consider the Father to be lovely, you will become a constant yogi.

Slogan: Those who renounce their name, respect and honour and remain engaged in unlimited service are the ones who uplift others.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Those who have coolness in their lives win over the burning hearts of others.

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Essence: Sweet children, wake up early in the morning and say to the Father: Baba, good morning. Then think about knowledge and the mercury of your happiness will then remain high.

Question: What is accurate remembrance? What are its signs?
Answer: Accurate remembrance is to remember the Father with great patience, maturity and understanding. Those who have accurate remembrance receive more current and their burden of sins continues to decrease. Souls continue to become satopradhan-virtuous, their lifespan increases and they also receive searchlight from the Father.

Sweet Children,
All souls are an embodiment of peace in soul world. When souls appear on earth, they become talkie. All souls look alike, a tiny point of light. Even Supreme Soul does not have a body like any other soul. When soul appears in the womb, they never say that they appeared from soul world. Even if a soul takes rebirth in the womb of any mother, they receive physical mother and father automatically, they never say that they have come to their mother and father.
GodFather appears from soul world and gives knowledge to you children. I am the Knowledge-full, I teach you Rajayoga. Sri Krishna does not have a role to teach the souls of the world but GodFather.
Now, it is the most elevated Confluence age, even if you remember this, you will have the faith that you will go to the golden age. At this time, you have to return home-soul world and hence you have to become pure-virtuous like before.
You must have lot of happiness since the unlimited Father wanted you to remember Him to become virtuous-pure, to get rid of sins. God is very sweet in nature. He makes you the master of the world, Purifies you and hence you must have lot of love for GodFather. You must converse with GodFather with lot of love, have to say Good morning to the Unlimited GodFather. Check yourself how much you remember GodFather with lot of love early in the morning.
Even the devotees do devotional remembrance early morning hours, you must also remember GodFather during morning hours with lot of love. If you say Good morning to the GodFather and churn the knowledge during early morning hours, you will remain happy throughout the day. By this yoga you earn an income for 21births. The more you remember GodFather, that much current you receive from GodFather by which you settle your karmic accounts and life span increases.
You also receive search light from GodFather in His remembrance. You become the master of Brahmand and the physical world. It is God who is known as Purifier, He gives liberation and liberation in life. God is the most loving, most sweet in nature.  God never gives you any difficulty, just you have to remember Him and churn the knowledge. Your heart-mind must become so cool in His remembrance.
You receive an unlimited inheritance from GodFather and hence check how much love you have for God, how much virtuous you have become, how much sweet, pure have you become. When you become a fragrant flower, you will go to the golden age, you cannot remain in the vicious world. The real fragrant flower never hurts anyone. You are going away from the world of thorns.
You become a fragrant rose to go to the golden age. You children understand that you receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. The One who follows the GodFather, receive unlimited happiness, they know that the same Sun dynasty is being established once again. The more you show right path to others, that much reward you receive in return. The more jewels of knowledge you share with others, that much you will be loved by others.
The sensible children wanted to receive complete inheritance from GodFather. They have more love of GodFather. The knowledge-full GodFather transforms you from insolvent to solvent. The more you remember GodFather, that much you will have love for GodFather, that much attraction will be there. When the needle is without rust, it is attracted to the magnet with lot of force. You have to remember Him alone.
Now, you are engaged to the GodFather and hence God’s remembrance has to be there naturally. You become the master knowledge-full. You have to make others one who churns the knowledge. God has come now to take all the sweet children back home. Without children even God never feels good.
When the time comes to leave, everyone wants to go back. And hence God has come to take you souls back home. Then souls come in golden age where God will not accompany you souls. Now, you must have the intoxication that you are studying in the spiritual university by which you attain all types of degrees. No one in the world has this most valuable treasure of knowledge like you children.
When you speak or teach others, remind them to consider themselves as soul and remember GodFather. This you can do, only if you yourself remain in remembrance. When you remain in remembrance, you speak little and whatever you speak will reach the target. Children must have true love for GodFather. If you don’t have love, you never follow the Godly direction. There is no one in the world can give you directions what God gives you.
You must forget about this vicious old world so that your intellect remembers the world of peace and happiness. Let the soul remember about the God and the home to go back when it leaves the body. The soul must remove all attachment from body and bodily beings to go back. In golden age, even the body is created by the power of yoga. Being pure, the soul never gets attracted to the physical body. At this time, the five elements pull the soul and hence the soul find difficult to leave the body. When you become pure, the soul would leave the body like a hair that leaves the butter, without any attachment.
You must keep your bag baggage of elevated actions ready to go back, physical objects never come with you when the soul leaves the body. You have seen the virtuous pure body of golden age in trance. By remembrance your mind becomes so cool that you never get disturbed by any situations. The more you remember the GodFather, you will be sustained by the GodFather. You receive the unlimited peace and you share it with others.
You must share knowledge with others, those who come to the Sun and Moon dynasty. The ones who have done more devotion will understand this knowledge, they will have more love for GodFather. Soul is just a point of light and it is the soul who studies this knowledge.  All souls are brothers amongst each other. Your drishti-vision should not go towards the shrishti-creation but towards the soul.
Compare all the study with this knowledge and decide yourself which is more elevated.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Let the past be the past and first of all reform yourself. Make effort to be soul conscious. Do speak in remembrance of GodFather.
2.            Fill your apron with jewels of knowledge, donate them and become an instrument to benefit many others. Become loved by all and stay in limitless happiness.

Blessing: May you be an embodiment of success who receives everyone’s blessings by keeping a balance of remembrance and service.
Children who do service while staying in remembrance receive a lot of success with little effort because they receive blessings by having a balance of both. Blessings emerge from the minds of those souls you serve while staying in remembrance in the form of, “Wah elevated soul!, Wah, the one who has changed my life, Wah!” Those who constantly receive such blessings without effort have natural happiness and they experience success while easily moving forward.

Slogan: Those who have coolness in their lives win over the burning hearts of others.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The most important is to get rid of all ghosts of vices that are within me.

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Essence: Sweet children, in order to become a sun-dynasty bead of the rosary of victory, become completely pure-virtuous according to shrimat (Godly directions). The children who become pure-virtuous are liberated from the punishment of Dharamraj (Supreme Judge).

Question: What intoxication do the children who are engaged in making effort to become soul conscious have?
Answer: I belong to Baba (GodFather). I am a master of Baba’s Brahmand (Soul world). I claim my inheritance from Baba and become a master of the world. Only children who remain soul conscious have this intoxication; only they become heirs. They don’t remember their relationships of the old world. If you become body conscious, you are slapped by Maya-vices and your happiness disappears. This is why Baba says: Children, make effort to become soul conscious. Keep your chart.

Song:     You are the fortune of tomorrow.

Sweet Children,
You children understand that GodFather had appeared at this confluence age from up above and you are the powerful army-heirs of the GodFather. You belong to the GodFather at this time, you have made GodFather belong to you. You know that the God has appeared now to transform the hell into heaven. You co-operate in the task of GodFather. God has come to make the vicious world into virtuous world.
Only God is known as the Purifier and none else. You are all children of GodFather. Supreme Soul lives in the Incorporeal world. In soul world, souls belong to only One GodFather. But when souls appear on earth they see themselves belong to physical beings. Now, God Himself had to come down like other souls but God never take birth like other souls do.
In soul world, all you souls remain pure-virtuous.  Souls on earth remember GodFather to make them virtuous. But if God comes, He would come only at the end of the world cycle. God appears at the end of the world cycle and makes you children the master of soul world and heaven. You become double heir of GodFather. You understand that all of you souls are the master of the soul world and you appear on earth to play different roles.
Government keeps control of sugar and food because people would go wild if they don’t get food. In golden age, food is available in plenty. It is God who fulfils all the desires of souls of the world and hence souls remember the one GodFather. Then there is the world mother who also fulfils the desires of souls of the world.
Souls live together along with GodFather in soul world-Brahmand. God gives you the gift of heaven, makes you master of the heaven. There is nothing of sorrow exist in heaven. You must remember only One GodFather not any bodily being. You offer the five vices to GodFather not to Sri Krishna-deity. Deities also offer the vices to GodFather. If you offer the vices , then the eclipse of ignorance will disappear from you. Once you offer the five vices, then you must not use them.
If you fall due to vices, you lose the spiritual income. You receive liberation and liberation in life through GodFather as the inheritance. By the power of yoga-remembrance, your sins are removed. By the power of knowledge you attain a very elevated status. Even in the physical world, you attain good status by means of knowledge. You attain elevated status by this spiritual knowledge given by GodFather Himself.
You have to remember the Spiritual GodFather a lot to settle the karmic accounts of so many births. The more you make effort, that much you will attain an elevated status in the virtuous-pure world. People remember GodFather, every soul has to go back to the soul world. It is God, the only One who makes the souls pure. In the beginning, the world mother becomes pure. Then many others become pure to become worthy to go to the virtuous world.
Now, you belong to the GodFather, your intellect has become so broad with the knowledge of the complete world cycle of 5000years. Certainly God would have established the virtuous world but no one knows how the golden age gets established through GodFather. It is said that people who die in the battle reach heaven, in fact the battle has to be won against the vices that are within.
You children are adopted by the GodFather and hence your intellect never wanders anywhere else. When a king adopts a child, the child behaves in a royal manner. Here too when you belong to God, your attitudes are to be very royal. Now, you children have to make a very good spiritual effort such that there must not any ghosts of vices present within.
You must speak only the jewels of knowledge. The aim object is very high, to become the master of the virtuous world. It is only you children have become the master of the world so many times, not any sanyasi. You ruled the world and got lost to vices. Now, once again you have to become virtuous-pure to rule the world. Everything depends upon your effort. You must have lot of happiness that once again you are becoming the master of the world.
You souls lose happiness when you remember the relations of the physical beings (by not looking at them as souls), due to body consciousness. When you remember that you are a soul, the master of the soul world, you will have the intoxication to become the master of the world. Only once in the world cycle, God comes to teach you become soul conscious. God says repeatedly to remember the GodFather, you must keep the chart to check how long you remember the GodFather throughout the day.
The serviceable children make the GodFather happy by their news of service. The faithful children follow the direction of GodFather. People of the world keep wandering, undergo suffering. To know about the world cycle and churn the knowledge – discus of self realization is known as knowledge. Othewise souls remain blind to the truth.
This is a dirty world. You have to remain very careful. If you have any ghost of vices within, how can you become like a diamond – virtuous – pure? The most important is that you have to get rid of all ghosts of vices that are within you. You must not get attracted to this old world but to the New world of golden age. You must remember the God Father, the sweet soul world and the kingdom of golden age. Do the service of earning an income and  at the same time do the spiritual service. You have to give the Godly message to the souls of the world, keep serving the souls of the world – Be on Godly service.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Become rup and basant and constantly let jewels of knowledge emerge from your mouth. Become as happy and cheerful as the deities.
2.            With knowledge and the power of yoga, have your sins absolved and claim the double inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life.

Blessing: May you be a constantly co-operative and contented soul who makes the atmosphere powerful with your pure and positive thoughts.
Whenever there is upheaval in the atmosphere due to any situation, then the duty of a co-operative soul is to be co-operative in making the atmosphere powerful instead of coming into upheaval. To be constantly co-operative means to be constantly content; to belong to the one Father and none other. Whenever you have any thoughts, then offer them to the One up above and become free from any thoughts. Remain busy in self-progress and in the progress of service. Whatever pure thoughts you have with your pure feelings, they will definitely be fulfilled, but for that, your stage has to be constant and stable and your thoughts have to be pure.

Slogan: The wealthiest person is one who has the most elevated treasure of purity-virtues.

Monday, 25 February 2013

This world drama is created such that everyone including God play their roles at the right time accurately.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have to live like milk and sugar and not have any conflict. Renounce any bad habits you may have. Don’t cause anyone sorrow.

Question: What mercy must you definitely have for yourself in order to claim a high status for birth after birth?
Answer: Look within yourself and remove any bad habits such as anger etc. or any vices from yourself. Stay together like milk and sugar. Follow the shrimat of the One. Don’t have any conflict. Don’t listen to or speak of evil things. All of this means to have mercy for yourself. It is through this that you receive a high status for birth after birth. Those who don’t have mercy for themselves cross out their line of happiness for 21 births.

Song:     Salutations to Shiva.

Sweet Children,
The song is about the praise of Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather). Only you children know that the dynasty of new creations is created through Adam-Brahma by the knowledge given by GodFather. Only GodFather is the Benefactor of all souls of the world. Only GodFather removes sorrows of the world.  God meets you souls at the end of iron age, once in the world cycle.
Devotees remember GodFather but they do not know the truth about GodFather. First, God creates you children. The ancient deity religion existed in golden age but no one knows about it at this time. Sri Krishna of golden age is shown in copper age.  People never know about the world cycle, no one knows about the God of the Gita. Gita is the mother of all scriptures.
God speaks, I teach you easy Raja Yoga once again which is known as true Gita. God speaks the new Gita to you children. Now, you remember the Supreme Soul GodFather. God benefits every soul, Sri Krishna cannot be called as the one who benefits the whole world. Sri Krishna is the first Prince of golden age. Supreme GodFather is known as the Boatman who takes all the souls across.
All children of GodFather have become devotees. Maya-vices have made you vicious and  sorrowful. Only God gives you happiness and hence people of the world remember GodFather. Wife remembers husband, children remember the father, friend remembers another friend because they give happiness to each other. Similarly souls remember GodFather and hence God would have certainly given happiness to the souls of the world.
At this time, the Supreme Soul appears amongst the souls of the world and meet them. There is gathering of happiness in golden age and gathering of sorrows in this iron age. Even the devotees remain in sorrows at this time. People at the end will come to know about the greatness of GodFather. If God never appears on earth, no one can explain you about the world cycle, no one can liberate you from sorrows.
In golden and silver ages, only happiness exists and in copper and iron ages, sorrow comes into existence. This is your new birth at this confluence age, to make spiritual effort. You study directly through GodFather to write an important exam at the end. You had to win over the five vices, people say it is difficult to win over the vices being in household. Hence Sanyasis go to jungle. But GodFather gives you the methods to win over the vices being in household. God teaches you like He had taught you even 5000years before.
God teaches you RajaYoga and this knowledge disappears in golden age. And when the whole world becomes sorrowful, then once again in confluence age God appears to teach you Rajayoga which is the real Gita. You children know about the world cycle. Only God and you children have the knowledge of this world cycle.
Now, you children know about the cycle of your 84births. If souls remember even a little knowledge of God, it benefits a lot. If you find difficult to answer the questions, tell clearly that our seniors can give the answers.  You children will study this knowledge till the end. In this study, yoga and to make others equal like you, it takes time and effort.
All the people of the world have become devotees of God. No one knows that God comes to take all the souls back to soul world. God gives liberation and liberation in life, He establishes the golden age of deities-virtuous human beings.  Sanyasis speaks about liberation not liberation in life. Sanyasis never know about golden age, they never create heaven but GodFather.
At this time, in this world, there cannot be one single direction, there are various directions in the form of religion, gurus and politics. Now, you have to follow only the One direction of God received directly from GodFather because, at the end, one religion of God will be established. You receive the kingdom of God by the power of God.
You have to check if you remained very sweet throughout the day, you must not give sorrow to anyone and if you had give sorrow, you must reveal it to the GodFather. There are many who have bad habits which are to be renounced. You must not fight against each other. Getting angry is very bad, you lose the income of so many births. Show mercy for yourself. You should make a very good effort to get rid of five ghosts of vices. God teaches you the methods to get rid of the ghosts.
You learn this Rajayoga to get rid of fice vices. People never know about GodFather. Even without His knowledge, people would get benefitted by God’s arrival because God would take all the souls back home to grant them salvation. The more you remember GodFather, that much happiness you would experience. God benefits every soul of the world even if they don’t know about God because God is the Benefactor of all souls of the world.
This world drama is created with strict rules and regulations such that everyone including God plays their roles at their right time.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Study knowledge and yoga and become a knowledgeable soul from a devotee soul. While living at home with your family, you have to conquer Maya-vices. Definitely become pure.
2.            You have to imbibe very good manners on the path of knowledge. Become very, very sweet and egoless. Don’t speak of evil things. Don’t have any conflict of opinion.

Blessing: May you be constantly co-operative and accumulate your account by using everything you have remaining in terms of your body, mind and wealth for the Godly task.
In the memorial of the Goverdhan mountain, it is shown that it was lifted with everyone’s finger: this is a symbol of your co-operation. In the picture, they show the Father’s company and also His service. You children have now become BapDada’s co-operative children for this is why this memorial has been created. Whatever body, mind and wealth you used on the path of devotion, 99% of that was wasted. Of the remaining one per cent, use that for the Godly task with an honest heart and you will once again accumulate multimillion-fold.

Slogan: Those who are humble receive everyone’s respect naturally.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Let the past be the past.Gallop in your efforts from now.

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Essence: Sweet children, you have found God, the Father, while sitting at home. You have to maintain limitless happiness. Do not suppress your happiness under the influence of the vices.

Question: Who among you children would you say are lucky and who are unlucky?
Answer: Those who do the service of making others equal to themselves and give happiness to everyone are lucky. Those who simply eat and sleep are unlucky. They continue to cause sorrow for one another. When something is lacking in their efforts, they become unlucky.

Question:            What are the signs of children whose operation of the third eye is successful?
Answer:               They do not repeatedly fall in the storms of Maya. They do not stumble around. Their behaviour is divine and they imbibe knowledge well.

Song:     Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth.

Sweet Children,
Gita is not spoken by a physical deity Sri Krishna but by the Incorporeal GodFather.  Sri Krishna cannot be called as the Supreme Soul Supreme GodFather. People call out for God to come and relieve them from  sorrows. There is a lot of difference between Adam-Brahma and Sri Krishna.
Deities are created through Krishna and You children are adopted through Adam-Brahma. Nowhere in the scriptures it is mentioned that bodiless GodFather gives knowledge to the souls. Here, it is the Supreme Soul gives knowledge to the souls.
From copper age, bodily beings have been giving some type of directions in the form of guru and scriptures. Now, you must listen to the direction of GodFather in which every direction is present since I am the Father, Teacher and True Guide. Certainly God will give you the most elevated direction. In reality, God is also a soul, gives direction through the organs.
Since people are body conscious and entangled in name and form, they find it difficult to understand the Supreme Soul.  It is said saints and people have reached heaven but in reality the name belongs to the body which is destroyed on earth. It is soul that leaves the body.
You know that there were deity – virtuous souls who appeared on earth in the beginning. From copper age, they come into body conscious. The master of the world is teaching you directly through whom you receive power of all relations of Mother, Father and bodily relations.
People praise the God’s qualities in front of deities – virtuous human beings of golden age. You have reached your final birth at this time in this world cycle. The New world will be established. This knowledge gives a lot of happiness. Only you children receive this elevated knowledge and elevated GodFather and none else. But you lose happiness due to the vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego.
God appears only in Bharat-India. And certainly He transforms the world into virtuous-pure. Now, the God, the Purifier, the Ocean of knowledge has appeared on earth. He is also known as Rudr. When you understand that the Unlimited GodFather, the Creator of all creations, you will have intoxication of happiness.
The whole world is of vicious now at this time. Sri Krishna and Sri Radhe belong to golden age but people have shown them in copper age. In copper age, virtuous human beings never exist.  People know about the virtuous deities of golden age. The Heaven-golden age was ruled by the King and Queen who are known as Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan.
GodFather creates – adopts children to give happiness not to give sorrow, like the physical father. In fact, even the physical father gives sorrow from copper age, leaving you in the fire of lust. In golden and silver age, you never fall in lust. You are being operated by this power of knowledge and remembrance of God.
You receive the third eye of knowledge at this time. When the third eye opens up, they make a very good spiritual effort. There are many who get entangled in the storm of maya-vices. On one side there is the Ustaad who gives unlimited constant happiness and other side there is Ravan-Maya- vices. Only I give you happiness and none else.
There is kingdom of God for 2500 years and there is kingdom of Ravan-vices for another 2500years. At this time, the world human tree has become so old to get transformed. You teach this knowledge to souls of the world, you become the master of the world by this knowledge.
People have forgotten about the deities of golden age. Now, you receive power from GodFather and receive the inheritance of kingdom for 21births. But even great souls and saints are not aware of this knowledge. Now, it is your duty of you children to wake up souls of the world. The more you make others equal like you, that much elevated status you would attain.
Whatever had happened, apply full stop and make effort for the future. The new ones gallop quickly than the seniors. It is a wonder. By saying it is fixed in the world drama, you never make spiritual effort to attain elevated status. You are the lucky stars of the world unlike the stars of the sky. You give light of knowledge to the souls of the world and you become deities-virtuous human beings of golden age.
The deities never live on up above, in reality, they live on earth. There are souls who are lucky who make others equal like them and there are souls who are unlucky who never serve others. By not doing spiritual effort, souls become unlucky. In scriptures, they have defamed even Sri Krishna showing him as stealing butter and clothes of women. In fact such things never happen in golden age.
You receive unlimited happiness from the world Benefactor God. GodFather says, children, remember Me alone. It is God who teaches you directly. God is the most loving, He gives most elevated direction. Rest your mind on Me and the inheritance of heaven, the world cycle. People have shown the discus with Sri Krishna, in fact the discus is the memorial of remembrance of world cycle and self-realization.
This knowledge is very easy and simple. You must remember such a God with lot of happiness and should not forget such an elevated GodFather. Only very few children churn the discus of self-realization but every one of you have to churn the knowledge.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            The directions of the Father, Teacher, Guru, Brother etc. are all merged in the directions of the one Father. Therefore, only follow His directions. Don’t follow the dictates of human beings.
2.            Let the past be the past and gallop in your efforts. Don’t become slack, saying, “If it is in the drama.” Do the service of making others equal to yourself.

Blessing: May you be Maya-proof and safe in all situations by remaining merged in love for the one Father.
Children who remain merged in love for the one Father easily remain safe from the vibrations and atmosphere around them because to remain merged means to be powerful like the Father and to remain safe in all situations. To remain merged means to be merged completely, and those who are completely merged are Maya-proof. This is the easy effort. However, do not become careless in the name of easy effort. Internally, the conscience of a careless effort-maker would bite and externally, he would be singing songs of his own praise.

Slogan: Remain stable in the position of an ancestor and you will become free from the bondages of Maya and matter.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Those who imbibe spiritual intoxication are spiritual roses.

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Essence: Slackness in effort through questions, corrections and quotations.

Points to Churn from the Murli of February 24, 2013

Praise of Baba:
The Ocean of Knowledge, the Incorporeal Purifier, the Supreme Father, and the Supreme Soul Shiv Baba (Benefactor Father) is.... My Baba...Sweet Baba...Loving Baba...Kind-hearted Baba...Compassionate Baba...the True Father...the True Teacher...the Unlimited Father... the Almighty Authority...the Truth, the Living Being, the Blissful One and the Seed... the Bestower of Salvation... Knowledge-full...
Points of Self-Respect and Soul Study:
1. We, the souls, are beautiful fragrant spiritual roses with vivid and vibrant beauty, colour and intoxication...we have beauty in having happiness and intoxication visible on our faces that is, in our eyes and features as a Child of God and having the awareness of being a soul playing an elevated part of an angel in the corporeal form...we have colour by constantly being coloured by the constant company of the Father, that is, being constant companions...we have the fragrance of spiritual vision and spiritual attitude... we are the special flowers in the unlimited flower garden on whom BapDada has special vision...we have sparks of zeal and enthusiasm, have elevated aim and in whom there is hope, receive love from the entire spiritual family, and move along fast...
2. We, the souls, are constant tapasvis in the ascending stage, stabilising ourselves in the position of a Godly spiritual soul, a complete renunciate and a constant tapasvi soul...we dance in happiness and engage ourselves in service day and night... we completely lose the awareness of our body and our relations...we experience ourselves to be first class serviceable, knowledge-full and powerful souls, and others experience us to be the same...we are beyond the confusion caused by questions, corrections and quotations, and forge our connection with the one Father...
3. We, the souls, are the Salvation Army, that is, we are the instruments to give salvation to other souls...we are beyond listening to the directions of others, looking at others and thinking about contemplating about ourselves, we check and change, and experience peace, happiness and super sensuous joy...instead of opposing one another and losing our eternal elevated position, we oppose Maya and become victorious ... we are the constant companions of the Father, powerful co-operative complete and perfect the end, we make the final sacrifice, that is, make ourselves powerful for all time...we transform ourselves under any circumstance in one second with a determined thought...we make the atmosphere satopradhan through our attitude, take others beyond with a glance, keep ourselves with the transformation that takes place in the land of transformation, and celebrate the mela...
4. I belong to the one Father and none other...We, the souls, fulfilling the first promise, are the instruments for world benefit...we are worthy of worship and worthy of praise.... we have permanent disinterest, that is, we have renunciation and becoming pure, holy and supremely worthy of worship, we swing in the swing of super sensuous joy...with the specialty of complete purity and the power to transform, we become special souls in service, love and co-operation...
5. We, the souls, are the forms of Maha Kali, transforming the atmosphere with the influence of our power of yoga, and finishing our weaknesses...with the power of our knowledge, we, the Maharathis, clearly see the philosophy of each one’s karma on their faces in the mirror of their activities...we clearly can feel the vibrations of souls who have taken the food of impure thoughts with the powerful tool of a clear line of the intellect...
6. No soul who goes in front of the non-living images of the Shaktis and the deities can hide their sins...We, the souls, are the Shaktis in the living form with this specialty... we listen to their accounting of sins, in the stage of being master janijananhar (ones who know everything), that is, the stage of being master knowledge-full...we are constantly merged in the love of the Father, that is, merged in His remembrance, and by having the attitude of renouncing the consciousness of “I”, we reveal the Almighty Authority Father... by constantly remaining full of the treasures of powers, virtues, knowledge and happiness, and with the intoxication of being full, we, the incarnation of powers (shakti avtar) , take the contract to straighten the crooked and make the crooked path straight...

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Blessing: May you be an incarnation of power who makes the crooked path straight with the experience of being constantly full.
Constantly remain full of the treasures of powers, virtues, knowledge and happiness and with your intoxication of being full, the crooked path will become straight. If you are empty, you will become like a pit, and by falling into a pit you may sprain your ankle. Those who are weak and empty have sprained thoughts. An incarnation of power means one who makes a contract to straighten the crooked. Those who take such a contract can never say that the path is crooked. If someone falls, it is because of a lack of attention or because the intellect is not full.

Slogan: Those who imbibe spiritual intoxication are spiritual roses.

Friday, 22 February 2013

leading a pure-virtuous life, remaining in household is the real spiritual effort.

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Essence: Sweet children, at this time, Ravan, the five vices, has made everyone bankrupt of happiness and prosperity. You are now gaining victory over Ravan-Maya, your enemy (the daughter of the GodFather), and becoming conquerors of the world.

Question: Due to knowing which secret of the drama do you children have elevated thoughts?
Answer: 1) You know that according to the drama, the impact will continue to be made automatically. Then, when there is a big crowd of the devotees, you will not be able to do service. 2) Baba’s children who have been converted into other religions will emerge and therefore, you have very elevated thoughts that someone would emerge from somewhere who would become Baba’s child and claim his inheritance from the unlimited Father. You do not have the thought that someone who would give Baba money should emerge, but that the faith should be instilled that Shiv (Benefactor) Baba (GodFather) is teaching and they run to claim their inheritance from Baba.

Song:     Take blessings from the Mother and Father!

Sweet Children,
Service is known as Sewa. The GodFather serves you in practical. Supreme Soul Supreme Father establishes heaven in person. Even world Mother and world Father also serves you in practical. Mother and Father of physical relationships also serve their children. Here, it is your spiritual Mother and Father.
Only at this time of confluence age, the True Guide who is also your Father and Teacher appears on earth to take you to the True world. God performs three actions in practical. God accepts you children being a Father and Mother. Every child never remains same even in physical world.
Here, there is no Sanyasis or gurus. When someone comes to you, you ask what they need. In golden age, there is no guru, there is nothing of sorrow exist there. Here, people go after guru when people find their wishes get fulfilled. Those who remain virtuous-pure become famous and praised a lot. Even you children when you remain virtuous-pure, God praises you children, all your wishes get fulfilled for 21births.
People of the world never know: when GodFather comes, when World Mother appears through whom all your desires get fulfilled. The ignorance of darkness exists in iron age due to vices. The greatest of enemy of Bharat are five vices of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. And you know this Ravan-vices have bound the Sitas-souls of the world in the jail of sorrows. The God has to come directly to relieve you souls from the chain of Ravan-vices.
No one knows how much wealthy Bharat-India was. It had lost all its wealth and prosperity because of vices-Ravan. Anger is the ghost you have within. The five vices are known as ghosts within. Five vices are the ghosts which have made you worthless making you lose your peace and happiness. This world has reached the stage of retirement, you fight against the vices –Ravan and you wanted GodFather to relieve you from the vices. (Even Vices – Maya is the daughter of GodFather. Maya is sent to you so that you children win over the vices and rule the kingdom).
You win over the world by becoming victorious over the vices. You children have to go back to the Soul world. Those who become completely pure – virtuous and win over the five vices will become the master of the kingdom, rule the golden age.
In fact all souls of the world belong to Bharat-India. The Bharat – India is known as the True Continent. God gives message to all souls of the world, makes every soul become a deity-virtuous human beings.
Initially, souls are asked to remain in the fire of yoga for a period of seven days to become virtuous from vicious. Sanyasis are on the path to renounce the physical world and go to jungle but they get thoughts in mind, have anger within them. There are also stages amongst them like low, middle and elevated and there are also some who are totally dirty.
There are stages everywhere, like King, rich ones and subjects, there are levels like high level, middle level and low level. There are many Sanyasis who remain very pure-virtuous. Here, you children have to remain pure-virtuous being at household. There should not be any vicious thoughts in mind, you must never become naked, never get burnt in the fire of lust.
Sanyasis become pure and attain elevated status. They become great Mandaleshwar, they receive big throne, live in palaces, people come and offer wealth, devotees wash their feet, they are praised a lot. But the No.1 praise belongs to only One God. God is the creator of heaven where no type of vice exist.
Sanyasis follow Hathyog sanyas. You practice Rajayog Sanyas. Sanyasis never know about Rajayog. They have Sankarachariar and here you have Shivachariar. God teaches you directly to make you the master of the world. God never makes you belong to hell. God creates only heaven. Being pure-virtuous, remaining in household is the real spiritual effort. Virgins are not allowed to remain pure-virtuous in the world. The husband and wife live a virtuous-pure life with love for God.
Even if you get vicious thoughts in mind, it should not be brought into actions. If you see yourself as brothers and sisters , children of one GodFather, you will not be influenced by the vices. If you get influenced by the vices, you lose all your spiritual income. You are the children adopted through Adam-GodFather. There is memorial of you children as Other Kumaris who lead a virtuous-pure life even after marriage.
There is no need to get into argument – debates. There is no need to force anyone to change their path. Those who are really interested will come and listen to this knowledge. So, see the pulse and share the knowledge. The world has become so much vicious, Sanyasis go away and live alone. Even amongst you, those who are serviceable are praised a lot. You have to put your effort.
Sanyasis go about pilgrimage to become a student of any guru renouncing the world, once they have disinterest. You don’t go away from the world. You have to prove the true God of the Gita. In your case, the relatives turn against you children. But everything happens according to the world drama. Many would come here and you would find difficult to serve them. Sanyasis expect people to become devotees and help them in service. You expect people- souls to know about their GodFather to receive the Godly inheritance.
The most important is to give introduction of GodFather. If the soul has real faith about GodFather, they immediately come to meet the GodFather. The poor ones have faith quicly than the wealthier ones. This is RajaYoga by which you become King of all kings, you become virtuous human being – deity from an ordinary human being. This is your aim object.

Good morning, love and Namaste to the spiritual children who is most beloved of GodFather. Those who make others equal like them remain in the heart throne of GodFather.
Namaste to the spiritual GodFather

Essence for dharna:
1.            Don’t perform any sinful actions through your physical organs. With the powers of knowledge and yoga, gain victory over the storms of the mind.
2.            Do such service that you glorify the name of the Mother and Father and also continue to receive everyone’s blessings.

Blessing: May you be an easy effort-maker who overcomes a mountain of problems in a second with your flying stage.
In order to overcome problems as big as the Himalayas, adopt the method of the flying stage. Constantly keep all attainments emerged in front of you and continue to fly in the flying stage and you will overcome a mountain of problems in a second. Simply experience the reward of the present and the future. Just as you can clearly see physical things with your physical eyes, in the same way, you should be able to see your reward clearly with the eye of your intellect. Continue to accumulate an income of multimillions at every step.

Slogan: Those who have regard for everyone become examples to others.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The mantra to become eternal and win over the vices-obstacles is to become free from attachment.

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Essence: Sweet children, the furnace of yoga is most valuable for you because it is in this furnace that your sins will be burnt away.

Question: Which children have the knowledge of the Seed and the tree very clearly in their intellects?
Answer: Those who churn the ocean of knowledge. The early morning hours of nectar is a very good time for churning knowledge. Wake up early in the morning and let your intellect remember the one Baba. Let the soundless chant continue. There is no need to say “Shiv Baba, Shiv Baba” in a subtle or physical way. Remember Him with your intellect.

Sweet Children,
The spiritual Father speaks to the souls. I have a body (being in the body of Adam-Brahma), that’s why I am able to speak. This knowledge has to be imbibed by the intellect very well like it has in the Intellect of GodFather.
It is easy to explain about the Seed and the world human tree. The Gardener-Master knows that the seed has to be sown to bring out a huge tree. God also expects the same.
Unless the intellect churns the knowledge, knowledge cannot be imbibed. You have to churn early in the morning when there is no other work.
There are various ways of chanting and remembrance in devotion. You need not have to say in words either in thoughts or words like in devotion. You know that our God has come now.
There is connection between Adam-Brahma and Vishnu (King of Golden age). But the Shankar does take any physical form but has subtle body. Shiv Baba (Benefactor God) does not have even the subtle body and hence He remains the Highest on highest.
You children receive unlimited inheritance from the unlimited GodFather. You must follow the direction of GodFather completely. Become co-operative in the task of GodFather by remembering GodFather and make others remember GodFather. You remember – have love for the GodFather and also remember the inheritance.
God keeps explaining to the children that your 84births have come to an end, the world drama has come to an end and you keep looking at the time. This world drama is like a huge clock. By remembering GodFather – with love for GodFather, your sins are removed. You need not have to perform any hatha yoga or close your eyes, but you have to sit straight in the gathering (with third eye of knowledge). This is Rajayoga, you remain in intoxication sitting alert. GodFather never gives you any difficulty. You learn Rajayoga, you have to sit in such a way that people must see yourself as very royal.
Through the power of God, you become the master of the world. In iron age, you neither know about GodFather nor about the world cycle. Now you know that God is a point of light. In devotion they say God is very subtle but at the same time they say God is brighter than thousand suns, God is without any name or form. God says, people receive knowledge of God according to the world drama. You receive the knowledge step by step, there is no need to get confused. You receive the right knowledge at the right time. You cannot learn the ICS study when you are young.
When you come here, you souls receive the right knowledge through the body of Adam-Brahma. When the world becomes vicious, I come to make you souls virtuous. Souls have been calling out for GodFather as Purifier. When God comes, the iron age gets transformed to Golden age. You attain the stage of karmateet (free from bondage of actions). You never leave the household, you have to perform your daily actions, remain in the household and follow the Godly direction.
The deities remain completely virtuous-pure. How did they become pure? when did they made effort? Souls attain elevated status according to their spiritual effort. It keeps repeating in every world cycle. Now, you have received the GodFather who teaches you types of actions and right action. Hence, you have to remember GodFather (have love for GodFather) very well. You are the adopted children of GodFather through Adam-Brahma.God gives you the inheritance of golden age.
The adopted children remember both the fathers. You remember the GodFather and the Adam-Brahma. You get adopted to GodFather, the Supreme Soul Supreme Father. God is the Creator of heaven-golden age which exists for 2500years. Ravan-vices create the hell for another 2500years.
When there is eclipse over Sun and Moon, it is asked to donate to get relieved of eclipse. The Sun and Moon are known as the Father and Mother. There is world father – Adam and world mother – Eve. In this world both the male and female are covered by the eclipse of body consciousness. Souls have to get rid of – donate the body consciousness – alloys, to become pure gold –virtuous.
There is New virtuous world and Old vicious world. When the world human tree – soul becomes old, souls wanted to leave the old body and take the new one. You have promised that you have none else but only One GodFather. At the time of leaving the body, souls have to remember only One God, there should not be any attachment towards body and bodily beings. At this time, you have to practice remembering the GodFather and the inheritance. You must have the meaning – essence in your intellect.
At the end, souls remember the one whom they are attached. You must get rid of all attachment and rest your mind on God alone. This is your mantra to become eternal and win over the vices-obstacles. You attain the kingdom of heaven when the soul leaves the body in remembrance of God and the inheritance. At this time, you have to remember the GodFather accurately. Only God gives salvation to all the souls.
People have been doing charity, but nothing had helped the people. Now, you become worship-worthy from worshippers. If you don’t remember GodFather, your sinful accounts never get settled. People ask for power for mind. How did you become disturbed in mind? People ask for peace. World cannot attain peace by giving peace for just one person. Who had made you peace-less? The soul world is the world of peace. The golden age is the world of peace and happiness. You attain peace in soul world and golden age. In this world of sorrows, souls never attain peace.
Only God gives the inheritance of peace and happiness. Here, souls wanted to experience peace. To experience peace, you  have to go to the world of peace – soul world. But the vicious souls cannot go to the soul world. When you become virtuous, then you can go to the world of peace. Unless the soul become virtuous, souls cannot attain peace. The biggest violence is to become lustful. Lust is the greatest enemy, gives sorrow from beginning till end.
Souls find difficult to remain free from lust. This world is vicious, you have to become free from the greatest enemy.

Good morning, Namaste,love and remembrance to the long lost and now found sweet spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather by the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Very little time remains. Therefore, become complete helpers of the Father. Remember the Father and the inheritance and inspire others to do the same.
2.            At the final moment, only the Father should be remembered. For this, let there be love in your heart. for the one Father. Don’t remember anyone except the Father. Be very careful about this.

Blessing: May you be worthy to be remembered through tying God in the bondage of your love and devotion.
On the path of devotion, it is remembered that the Gopis tied God in bondage to them. This is the bondage of love and devotion which is remembered as their divine activity. You children tie the unlimited Father to the unlimited kalpa tree with your love and devotion and the memorial of this also continues on the path of devotion. In return for this, the Father gives the seat of the heart-throne to both of these ropes of love and devotion and makes it a swing and gives it to you children. Constantly continue to swing in this swing.

Slogan: Those who mould themselves to every situation are real gold. 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

May you have the fortune of happiness and constantly experience bliss and entertainment in life.

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Essence: Sweet children, don’t be attracted to anything. Become a complete beggar in relation to everything, including your body. Continue to remember the land of Shiva (Benefactor) – soul world and the land of Vishnu- golden age.

Question: In which aspect does the Father, the Lord of the Poor, make the poor children the same as Himself?
Answer: Baba says: Just as I am generous hearted and I take everything worth straws and give you the sovereignty, in the same way, although you children are poor, you must become generous hearted. Open a Godly University with just a little money. There is no expense in this. If even three or four people receive good fruit from that, it is great fortune for those who opened the centre. Simply remain obedient. Never defame the Satguru under the influence of lust or anger.

Sweet Children,
There is BapDada and Mamma. Mamma is the world mother who takes care of the children. Shiv Baba (Benefactor GodFather) gives sustenance to the children. GodFather explains to the children, you have to become complete beggars, there must not be any attraction towards anything. You must remember the world beyond and the land of happiness. And certainly have to become pure-virtuous.
Meera had lot of love for Sri Krishna but she did not go to the golden age where Krishna lives. She would have taken birth in a very devoted family in her next birth. You children must remember your childhood days, the days of your spiritual birth. Some even leave the study but still they would come in golden age to attain a very low status.
Now, you children become constantly happy for 21births. The deities were constantly happy in this world in golden age. At this time, the kings, subjects and even animals experience sorrow unlike in golden age where everyone remain in happiness. People talk about the nirvan dham, the land of silence but no one goes to the land of silence without playing their role in this 5000years world cycle.
At this time, people wanted others to leave the land to remain happy. In golden age, only one religion would exist. You must explain this knowledge to the retired people. You can also explain to the people those who visit temples. There is also memorial of Lord Shankar worship the God Shiva (Benefactor point of light). People say Shiv and Brahm, both are same but in fact Brahm is the place to reside, Brahm element cannot be God.
GodFather is a magnet and souls are needles. When the needles have rust, it cannot be pulled by the magnet. God is removing the rust by the nectar of knowledge. Then souls would become real gold. You become master of gold from master of stones. In golden age, you find gold in plenty, the Bharat-India will transform from stone-like to golden-like.
Those souls who appear in the beginning of the world cycle will take maximum 84births in this 5000years world cycle and others will take less number of births. You have to share knowledge with others free of cost because God is the Lord of the poor. If rich people offer you something, then more leaflets can be printed. You must open a Godly university and even if one or four get benefitted by it, you will receive great fortune in return. Only thing you have to become generous in this.
Shiv Baba and Adam-Brahma are more generous hearted that they make you fortunate by accepting worthless straw. Children have to be very careful in this spiritual path. The Supreme Father – husband of all sitas-souls shower the rain of knowledge at this confluence age. By remembering the resident of soul world (land of peace), you settle the karmic accounts and receive the inheritance of peace from the Supreme GodFather. This knowledge is very new to you souls, you need not have to wander anywhere else.
You have come here to go to the heaven, the world of virtues. Those who are vicious creates obstruction in the virtuous path. People go for strike wanting for more earning, these things have to happen at this time of iron age. Peace would come into existence at the end. People create sacrificial fire for rain, for peace. But peace you attain only through GodFather, not  by any other means.
You children are the most beloved, you receive the inheritance from GodFather at the end of iron age, at this time. You children have to remain soul conscious, not come into body conscious. You must become soul conscious at least for eight hours. Eight hours, you can perform action for earning an income, you children also win over sleep. You must remember God in every breath, you must also churn the knowledge. The more you remember, think about God during night time, that much sinful actions will be absolved, you will become virtuous-pure.
If children ask what type of service can be done, God would ask them to keep quiet not to do anything. Those who want to do service, keep doing service. Everyone has their own karmic accounts to be settled. If possible spend money on spiritual service. There are obstructions in this spiritual service, in the name of purity. The religious founders remain pure to establish religion.
This knowledge has to be shared with Sanyasis and others, all over the world. Souls undergo difficulty in service due to anger, ego. You must refresh yourself by listening to knowledge and keep doing service. The rules and regulations of world will keep deteriorating.
You children are known as Rajrishis, you do tapasya to go to the retirement age (soul world). You also do tapasya to receive liberation in life (to go to golden age).  People of the world never understand this. It is God who is directly teaching you to attain elevated status in future.

Good morning, Namaste,love and remembrance to the long lost and now found sweet spiritual children.
Good morning and Namaste to the spiritual GodFather by the spiritual children.

Essence for dharna:
1.            Even if someone defames you, you mustn’t become angry. Never debate with anyone. Refresh yourself and then do service.
2.            Become a conqueror of sleep. Stay awake at night and remember the Father and churn knowledge. Practise remaining soul conscious.

Blessing: May you have the fortune of happiness and constantly experience bliss and entertainment in spiritual life.
Children who have the fortune of happiness constantly swing in the swings of happiness and experience bliss and entertainment in spiritual life. This swing of happiness will remain stable and constant when both ropes of remembrance and service are tight. If even one rope is loose, the swing will shake and the one in the swing will fall. Therefore, both ropes should be tight for only then will you continue to experience enjoyment. When you have the company of the Almighty Authority and the swing of happiness, what more fortune of happiness could you have than this?

Slogan: Those who have feelings of mercy with a compassionate vision for all are great souls.