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The path towards Sat Chit Anand

The path towards Sat Chit Anand
- Spiritual Churnings
I am not a physical body but light:
1. Not to experience or feel any part of the body but feel body as an orb of light.
2. Feel the bodiless, thoughtless but unlimited powerful and light(loving) stage constantly even during sleep.
3. Silence is light, Silence is soul conscious, Silence is power, Silence is bliss (sweet).Silence is bodiless state.

Murli on difference between soul and mind: 09/12/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 07/03/84

Secret to attain powers: 
a. Remain free from waste thoughts being detached and loving.
b. Remain detached from body to receive power-nourishment, love and happiness by naturally connected with Baba (God).
c. Being detached, many sins(waste thoughts) are dissolved and lightness with power are experienced.
d. You become powerful by self churning of knowledge being introverted.

Destruction, Creation and Sustenance:
There should be balance in 3 acts/qualities:
1. Spiritual authority is the power (of silence-of consciousness) by which sins or past sanskars are transformed or Destroyed. It inspires others to change. 
2. Knowledge is to Create new divine sanskars
3. Love through mercy helps to Sustain the new sanskars.
4. Generally souls have one or other quality but all three acts/virtues have to be developed.
Note: in physical consciousness, instead of spiritual authority, bossiness (anger) is used to make others change /transform.

Different Consciousness:
1. Physical consciousness sees physical world. Subtle consciousness will see subtle world. Original deep consciousness will see incorporeal world (like that experience in history hall long time ago seeing colorful floating lights).
2. See through third eye all the time in all activities to maintain higher level of consciousness.
3. Be always in paramdham point stage. Interact with people in subtle world angelic light form and never come in to physical consciousness. It helps in frequent astral travel experience -conscious dream travel in real world.
4. Set timetable for the intellect to experience the incorporeal stage at most of the time. Come into subtle or corporeal stage only for name sake.

Introversion and execution of plans:
1. Be powerful by being in silence, introverted. Not to waste even one thought. Even one waste thought wastes energy. Plan what all to think throughout the day. Never waste thoughts. Do all action being introverted.
2. All new plans and refined inventions appears whilst being introverted in deep sweet silence. But once that idea appears, we get lost in its expansion. 
3. To sustain the new plan and invention, we need to remain introverted to identify the new moves required to sustain and establish the new plans and inventions.

Method to remove burden - heaviness:
1. Get rid of ego and mind to experience lightness and sweetness. It stops the speed and repeatation of thoughts of being hurt.
2. Every moment, the thoughts are to be willed (surrendered) repeatedly to experience lightness and silence without heaviness.
3. Ego and mind both creates heaviness.

Combined form of love and power:
1. When there is no ego, there is bliss (natural love of God) but not power (of silence)
2. The practice is to remain egoless, experience deep silence (power) instead of bliss (happiness) and feel the bliss (sweetness of silence) naturally expressed from deep silence.
The sequence is:
1. Egoless (forget all related with self,body)-bliss (happiness and love of God)
2. Egoless- deep silence (incorporeal-bodiless - power) -bliss (sweet silence, sweetness and love of God)

Stages towards Unlimited awareness of light:
a. From physical awareness, we move towards awareness of subtle body of light. 
b. Then we move towards awareness of incorporeal-point of light. 
c. Then we move towards awareness of unlimited aura or light that exists around the point of light. 
d. This make us do all actions with the awareness of 3rd eye being unlimted free from physical awareness.
Practice: see that every moment, in all action, you are aware of unlimited awareness of light doing every action through third eye. This is easy when there is no ego.
Try to do this practice all the time or atleast maintain this awareness just before starting any activity.

1. Be egoless completely lost in awareness/remembrance/ sweetness of Baba(God) all the time.
2. No more thinking of body/self/worldly issues.
3. Do all actions just for namesake without losing egoless awareness of Baba(God).

Making the atmosphere powerful:
The sustained (atleast 30minutes) awareness of being lost in love makes the atmosphere powerful not instant experiences. It can be done being present in the place or by visualization.

Incorporeal, egoless and viceless all 3 in 1 all the time:
a. To be loving with God and share love with others, we have to be egoless.
b. To experience power, we have to be incorporeal. Being incorporeal and detached we tend to become serious. To avoid seriousness, again we have to be egoless.
c. Incorporeal (powerful) and egoless (loving) should go together.
d. Egoless is to be lost in love of God being light and loving constantly.
e. Incorporeal is to be detached with awareness of third eye (point of light at centre of forehead).
f. Being incorporeal and egoless free from the influence of external thoughts, we remain viceless.

Spiritual effort is to maintain balance of following, to maintain all together,  at the same time and every moment:
1. Be in touch with Baba's (God's) love being lost in His love. This is possible when we are egoless free from the influence of physical body, relations and world living amongst them.
2. Along with egoless, we have to be aware of soul, point of light being incorporeal. This gives power, this is being sakshi-instrument and seeing hearing and doing all actions through third eye.
3. By practice, being egoless and lost in love both are experienced together and all the time constantly. But this is possible only when we live a life of purity.
4. For the above practice we have to know soul-Master is different from the workers-mind intellect and sanskar(habit). And it is the soul which experiences the egoless stage and powerful incorporeal stage. Not the mind.
5. We should be able to stop our thinking mind whenever we want. This is possible by practicing 5 forms every one hour.
6. And the practice should be done at amritvela and evening hrs every day.
7. The egoless stage is of mercy, compassion and incorporeal stage is of power. Like mother durga, eyes should have mercy but action should be to destroy the vices-influences of five senses by focusing on third eye free from waste thoughts.

Science of Silence:
1. When you are loving towards Baba (God) being introverted not giving more attention to external activities by having only 3 to 4 thoughts per minute, it is same as the experience of egoless and incorporeal (awareness of third eye).
2. Finally, I have to be a star ☆ which has the natural introvertedness, bliss, Love for God, happiness, purity, less number of thougts (say 4 thoughts per minute), incorporeal, naturally egoless and viceless being naturally combined with God, naturally powerful being incorporeal.
3. The above state can be unlimited in awareness when extroverted like sun rays are unlimited although sun is at one place still not losing touch with the love of God and inner lightness again with less (say 4 thoughts per minute) number of thoughts. Showering rays of love of God, power(being incorporeal) and bliss, altogether, to the world.
4. Baba (God) says, you find it difficult to reconnect with God once you become disconnected from Him. So maintain constant connection with Him in all situations.

Two types of Sat chit anand:
1. There is sat chit anand of conscious mind - also known as angelic stage or stage of Father Brahma or stage of Golden age Vishnu for creation and sustenance.
2. There is sat chit anand of super conscious or natural consciousness of soul. - also known as incorporeal stage or stage of Shiv Baba, God or stage of Lord Shankar for facing the obstacles and destroying the vicious feelings-sanskars of self and others.
3. Whilst during interaction we become angelic and other times we can become incorporeal. But mostly it depends upon situation.
4. It is not that we become either loving or detached but we remain both either in corporeal or in angelic stage.
5. Sat chit anand of angelic stage is limited in awareness. Satchitanand of incorporeal stage is unlimited in awareness.

Angelic stage: 5.2.2009 Avyakt Murli
BapDada is giving you a signal once again: Reveal in your life the angelic form, the last form of the confluence age. Bring it into the corporeal form. By becoming an angel, it will become very easy to become bodiless. Check yourself: There isn't attachment even to your own speciality or to someone else's, even in a subtle way, is there? Is there any arrogance? Sometimes, even over a trivial matter, some children's stage fluctuates. Then, instead of having a happy heart and a happy face, either their face is full of thoughts or full of worry, and while moving along they become disheartened. Instead of being happy-hearted, you become disheartened. So, do you understand? Now, make the sanskars of the angelic stage, the last stage of the confluence age emerge. You saw Father Brahma. You have to follow the father, do you not? Many children experienced in the last stages, when they came to relate their news, that Baba was beyond the news, beyond sound. They would come to relate news of situations, they would come having made many plans, thinking, "I will tell Baba about this and this. I will ask Baba this", but when they came in front of Baba, they would forget what they had to say. That is the angelic stage. So, what lesson did you make firm today? Who am I? An angel. Remain beyond situations, specialities, your own specialities and the awareness of the body. Be a double-light angel because without becoming an angel you cannot claim a high status of a deity. You will go to the golden age, because you have become the children, and you will receive the inheritance, but not an elevated status. You made the promise, that you will always remain together, that you will rule together. You may not sit on the throne, but at least you would claim a right to the royal family. You have seen the royal court of that place, have you not? Those who have a right to the royal court also have a tilak and a crown; the tilak of the kingdom, and the sign of a kingdom is the crown. So, be a self- sovereign over a long period of time, not just every now and then. Although a self-sovereign over a long period of time may not sit on the throne, he would at least claim a right to become part of the royal family. Achcha.

16/12/18 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 9.3.1984

Spiritual practice: You have very good thoughts of courage and determination. The seed of thought is powerful, but when it comes to the land of imbibing virtues and the Ganges water of knowledge and the sunshine of remembrance and the warmth of paying constant attention to the self, you sometimes become careless about these. 

Incorporeal, egoless and Viceless: If you do some service now and accept the fruit of that at the same time, you cannot accumulate anything. It is like earning and using simultaneously. You won’t then have any will power. You will be weak internally; you will not be powerful but feel empty inside. When you stop this, you will automatically have an incorporeal, egoless and viceless stage. Children, the more you remain detached from all desire, the more all of your desires will easily be fulfilled.

Constant sweetness: Become a beggar (one who doesn’t have) in terms of this temporary desire. For as long as you have even a slight trace of interest in the old world, for as long as you don’t experience the world to be tasteless, for as long as your intellect doesn’t feel that everyone is already dead, it is possible that you would still desire some form of attainment. However, those who remain constantly lost in the sweetness of One would have a constant and stable stage. They wouldn’t want to attain anything from a corpse. No perishable sweetness would attract them.

Egoless/desireless stage: Your stage of being ignorant of all desires is the basis of you enabling your devotee souls to receive all attainments. Only when you yourself become completely ignorant of all desires will you be able to fulfil the desire

16.12.18 Avyakt Murli:

Desireless / egoless: Your stage of being ignorant of all desires is the basis of you enabling your devotee souls to receive all attainments. Only when you yourself become completely ignorant of all desires will you be able to fulfil the desires of many other souls. Have no desires for yourself, but think about how to fulfil the desires of others, and then you, yourself, will automatically become full. Now, have the determined thought to fulfil all the different desires of all the souls of the world. To make yourself ignorant of all desires means to fulfil the desires of others. Just as giving is, in fact, receiving, so too, to fulfil the desires of others is to make oneself full. Always have the aim of becoming an idol through which everyone’s desires are fulfilled.

The three spiritual stages 
a. Mind being a spoiled servant 
b. Mind is a good happy and efficient servant (angelic stage) 
c. Soul rules the mind efficiently(incorporeal stage).

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