Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Science of Life and Death – Longevity, Morbidity or Mortality, it’s My Choice

Science of Life and Death – Longevity, Morbidity or Mortality, it’s My Choice
The world is awakening towards golden aged era (which repeats every 5000 years), where every human being live a long life of up to 150years. And the people (the consciousness or soul or human being) of golden age would leave the old body (which is identified by the consciousness as horse or vehicle) consciously to take a fresh new body (horse or vehicle) without any pain or sorrow created by the mind (thoughts or karma – unhealthy life style) and senses along with the vision of where they would be born and who will be their new parents.

As we are in the iron aged era, which is just before the awakening of golden age, the body undergoes unconscious dying due to influence of mind and 5 senses, as we have lost our self consciousness but have become mind and sense consciousness.

Secret of Dying
The unconscious dying of iron aged death is not in fact disappearance of life but it is an awakening process where we become aware of own self consciousness free from the influence of mind and senses. It is a defense mechanism helping human being to get rid of the pain or sorrow created by the mind and senses. Death also helps to replace the old worn out body with a new one. Immediately after death, the soul awakens to its original and natural consciousness giving an experience of deep peace which leads to bliss.

Note: Deep peace and bliss will not last long even after death, if the person leaves the body with consciousness of emotions like worry, anger, hopelessness, pain, sorrow. So, to experience a long lasting peace and bliss, we have to prepare ourselves to leave the body detached from mind and senses by our own effort. That’s why it is said we reach the world according to our last emotions (that caused by mind if we are not detached from mind and senses). The preparation to experience a consciousness of peace and bliss is known as spiritual effort.

Consciousness, Intellect, Mind and 5 senses
1.      Mind is the cause of all suffering and worldly happiness. God does not have an influencing mind to experience suffering and worldly happiness of 5 senses.
2.      Intellect helps to see the world and understand.
3.      Consciousness can act/exist even without using intellect. Baba (God) says when you are in remembrance, you never have to use (much of) intellect even to take decisions.
4.      Natural and true nature of Consciousness is deep silence, bliss and free from ego. It is sat-chit-anand like God.
5.      Mind is the ego and mind creates thoughts. In fact ego, mind and thoughts are not me, the soul. The one who thinks-thinker and thoughts are not me and so they are not real but illusion or imagination.

More points to churn before understanding Death
1.      Baba (God) says I take rest in paramdham but from copper age He receives thoughts to go and teach.
2.      There is God's mind and Soul's mind which never use the mind of physical world/body to think but they receive thoughts from the universal unlimited mind as per the world drama.
3.      The mind of physical world/body is created once we are born in the physical world and it gets destroyed when we die or for many it exists till subtle world.
4.      If we don’t use the mind of physical world/body, we remain with paramdham (the world or real home where all the human souls belong) consciousness all the time like God.
5.      For the one who live in consciousness (self awareness), there is no physical world and subtle world although they live in physical world.
6.      The truth is, all that we do and that we relate in physical world are only creations of the limited mind and it is not related to the reality-truth which is soul or consciousness.
7.      Whatever we say like i, it belong to me, all these are only mind creations and hence we can call them as either illusion or drama which is not real. Because, the real is consciousness and consciousness never does anything but shares love and bliss with self and others and just use the mind and body to share its bliss and divine love.
8.      Other than bliss and love, whatever we identify with or create are the creation of limited mind which disappears when we die and for some, it continues till subtle world.
9.      Once the illusion of limited mind disappears and stabilize in original awareness, then the soul exists in truth as it is.
10.  In fact after golden and silver age, the unreal limited mind creates its own creations and all problem begins.
11.  Although limited mind creates things, the feelings are felt by the consciousness and hence the soul experiences pain.
12.  Once the soul knows itself as the truth, then the pain/suffering/sorrows created by mind disappears instantly like water/dew droplets disappears once the Sun (of knowledge) appears.
13.  Because both the mind and mind's creations are not real.
14.  We can also perform actions in this world without using the limited/physical mind. And even if we use it, we use it as an instrument/organ like we use our hands and legs without allowing it to create an illusionary identity and creations.

Science of Death and Spiritual effort of Dying Alive
1.      Death is not pain. It is only a defense mechanism to protect from severe pain.
2.      Consciousness withdraws from mind and senses when it becomes unbearable.
3.      Like it withdraws from body and senses during sleep.
4.      Death is nothing but a long time sleep. And sleep is a short time death. Consciousness withdraws both in sleep and death.
5.      Spiritual effort is to withdraw consciousness (by diverting the intellect) from mind and senses whenever conscious attention is not required.
6.      By keeping the consciousness pure and blissful free from negative emotions, life after death will be blissful.
7.      If other emotions are present (at the time of death), we have to settle them by taking another birth or by severe emotional pain (known as punishment) before death.
8.      By severe emotional pain, consciousness withdraws from mind and senses leading to peace and not bliss.
9.      For example: when we hear unbearable noise or when we experience unbearable pain or when we see lot of death, the consciousness withdraws from mind as defense mechanism to stop the pain. The same happens in coma, sleep, unconsciousness or in death.
10.  The spiritual effort is to withdraw consciousness by own effort to experience bliss now and hereafter.
11.  If we don’t withdraw the consciousness by our own self effort, the nature will make us withdraw the consciousness by force through sorrow or pain leading to only peace but not bliss.
12.  When we experience the peace of consciousness for certain period, we experience bliss.
13.  Spiritual effort is to die (and experience sweet silence of bliss) every moment (now and then) by detaching from mind and senses. We use mind and senses only when it is required.
14.  Withdraw means, you use mind and senses to know but don’t identify with the mind or senses. You remain a detached observer.
15.  In fact dying is to experience peace and then bliss.
16.  In deep peace and bliss, or in deep sweet silence, we realize truth, we realize the awakening of consciousness from the deep sleep (ignorance) of attaching to the mind and senses.
17.  And this deep sweet silence of awakening, we can either experience while living in this body by our own choice of spiritual effort of detaching from mind and senses (whenever we want) or we can experience it by force / pain / death.
18.  Detaching from mind and senses or awakening to self consciousness either in life or in death lead us to experience sweet silence of bliss, love, truth and power from own self and also from God.
19.  But our own effort leads to eternal bliss from self and God free from rebirth.

20.  Experiencing bliss by force (by pain or death) is temporary, make us lose our awakening again once we take re-birth to re-experience pain and sorrow, by reattaching with mind and senses, beginning from the womb with recollection of emotions of past life.