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Unbelievable Truth: You are in a dream now.You are not a human being but an AI.

Unbelievable Truth: You are in a dream now. You are not a human being but an AI

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According to latest information, the Artificial Intelligence in the form of Robots can talk to each other, can develop their own language which is not yet understood by the creator/programmer of Robots. Robots have been noticed of moving away from their fixed place on their own looking for freedom till their battery gets discharged although such program was not stored in their memory card.
In fact, we human beings are not different from Robots. Human being also create a personality based on the information stored in sub conscious mind, we develop ‘ego’ by the mind-thoughts which is not real but artificial. And like a dreamer we live a life of pain and sorrow until we awake to the real self consciousness.
The sign of a dreamer is pain and sorrow with limited happiness. The sign of an awakened human being is he/she remain constantly peaceful, loving and blissful.

Signs / Stages of Self Awareness - Awakening
1.      Self Aware of Silence and Bliss being bodiless (detached) remain combined with Divine Awareness of silence and bliss
2.      Self Aware of Silence and Bliss being bodiless (detached)
3.      Self Aware of Intellect
4.      Self Aware of feelings (emotions) – good and bad
5.      Self Aware of Mind - thoughts / memories
6.      Self Aware of Senses and Worldly objects
All 6 awareness to be together and present being combined with self and God (Divine) awareness. Every action is to be performed with awareness of self and divine.

The Path towards happiness and the Unbelievable Truth of Illusion
– Life is just another dream
As long as we dream, there is pain and sorrow.
The moment we wake up, we experience a lot of relief and constant happiness.
At present we live a life of dream full of sorrows. Knowledge and Self consciousness awaken us from the sleep of ignorance and its sorrowful dreams to the real life of happiness, love, peace and bliss.

The Golden (Awakened) stage of golden age – the near awaiting future
1.      Mind loses its existence / dominance in golden age

2.      Souls remain in self – consciousness

3.      Self consciousness is to remain free from the influence of mind

4.      Mind will be used by the consciousness only to the very minimum and it will be used like our hands, ie., let it remain unused, free when not required.

5.      100% of time, even while using our mind, the self consciousness will be present all the time.

6.      Self conscious is to remain free from all thoughts of “i”.

7.      Since the mind never create ‘I’, there is no importance given to own body or body of others. Example: We don’t speak about our car/vehicle with any personal importance. Similarly, consciousness will see own body as an object/car without giving much thinking to it.

8.      The awareness will be continuously on own-self consciousness which will be of deep peace / silence along with sweetness, and feeling of lightness (of soul) free form physical heaviness.

9.      All interaction with people will be based on self conscious awareness of deep peace, lightness, love and sweetness.

10.  There will not be any competition or greed or force on our interaction. Not because you have everything. It is because, your nature of consciousness is like that.

11.  Constantly you will feel as if you are floating free from physical awareness.

12.  Because your consciousness is free from mind, there will not be any attachment to even the closest relative or friend or anyone. Because, always you will be aware of own-self conscious of sweetness and lightness.

13.  The consciousness constantly remains contented free from all needs of relations, things, etc.,

14.  Because there is no awareness of our body and no thoughts of people, known or unknown, vices never appear or exist.

15.  There are no needs and expectations, and hence all interactions remain sweet and light.

Current Status of Awareness (“dreaming” in this iron aged world)
1.      The mind becomes the Master losing the self-consciousness.

2.      The mind creates thoughts, creating an illusionary not existing ‘I’

3.      Infact all sorrows, worries, sadness are created without any foundation of real ‘I’ but with false ‘ I ‘  of ego and mind.

4.      Because of dominance of thoughts, mind, the self-consciousness experiences happiness and sorrow due to limited ‘I’ which is an imagination/illusions/dreams of mind.

5.      When the mind stops thinking, all its limited identification of ‘I’, ego disappear. All sorrows, sadness, worry disappear. Then the self-consciousness of peace, sweetness, lightness are experienced.

6.      The truth is ever existing consciousness of ‘self’ – bliss, sweetness, lightness, exist all the time in natural consciousness of self.

7.      This natural consciousness of bliss get covered due to moving the self consciousness / self attention / self awareness to awareness of thoughts of mind.

8.      When the awareness move from self consciousness towards mind, there is a false/imaginary/illusionary ‘I’ , ego is created by mind, which (ego) never exists in reality.

9.      This illusionary ego then wrongly identify with the body and we start giving undue importance to the existence of the body. In fact body is not worth of such importance that we have been giving. We don’t give importance to a non-living car, non-living object. The truth is, the body should be given only that much importance like we give to any non-living object.

10.  Because of false ego of mind, that never exists, which is not truth, we give undue importance to physical body and start experiencing pain, sorrow as the body grow and become old and die – of self and others.

11.  The truth is, the moment we leave the body, the mind cease to exist, the mind, limited ego disappears as if it never existed. Because, the mind never has any foundation to exist. It is just an illusion / imagination. The limited ‘I’ ego, never exist in reality.

12.  When the person die, all his imagination, all his identification disappear. All the so called thoughts of ‘I’ , my relatives, my parents, my accomplishments, my name, my fame all disappear as if they never existed like our dreams which disappear when we wake up.

13.  In fact, we all are dreaming in this physical world with our non-existing limited mind – ‘I’, ego.

14.  The moment we leave the body, our dreams come to an end, our mind-ego disappear, the consciousness – self awareness re-appear, regaining its natural nature of being an observer, sweet and light.

15.  Many of us carry this dream even after we die and hence there is existence of subtle world.

16.  For others whose limited ego disappeared, they go to the Paramdham – Supreme Abode called soul world which is also the real home of all souls of the world. This world is free from dreams, this world of true consciousness is free from limited ‘ego’ of the illusionary, non-existing ‘I’ which was developed by thought – thinker, the mind.

God and Soul
1.      God is not a dreamer. So, His Consciousness is the Master and the mind (thinking organ) is used occasionally (like the souls do in golden age).

2.      Souls on physical world of iron age, are dreamers due to losing self consciousness. When we stop /gain control over mind, then we regain control over mind being self-aware like God.

3.      All pain, sorrows, exist as long as we are Mind-Aware instead of Self-Aware.

4.      All pains, sorrows disappear instantly when we become Self-Aware.

5.      Remembrance of God make us become self aware like Him. And this knowledge is also given by God Himself. Many souls have shared some aspects of truth to human beings. But the complete Truth, True Knowledge is given only by God Himself.

1.      At present we act from mind.

2.      We have to act from self conscious.

3.      At present, Mind is the Master losing self consciousness.

4.      We have to be the master of mind and use mind like we use other organs of the body.

5.      When we act from deep peace, silence, bliss, we are self aware (bodiless).

6.      When the mind has more thoughts, we lose self awareness.

7.      Being self aware, we use mind with less number of thoughts and only when it is required.

Questions and Answers
1.      What is the method to overcome sorrow/pain and create a golden age?
Act, think, being self conscious not from being mind conscious.

2.      Why do we find it difficult to remain self-conscious?
Because, when you remain self conscious, all the dream, illusionary relations, objects, created by the mind will disappear.
When mind is destroyed (of its illusionary power), mind loses its mastery and the body of self and other bodies loses the importance.

3.      Who can be self / soul conscious?
One who has courage to let go the dream of own body and others body, along with undue importance given to worldly objects, can remain self conscious.

4.      How will the world continue without identifying with the body or mind?
World will continue by identifying themselves with non-physical peace, love and bliss.
At present actions are motivated by the illusionary objects with undue importance to body and objects.
In soul consciousness, actions will be motivated by the true values of peace, tolerance, love and bliss.
At present we act by what we see. In soul conscious, we would act by what we feel.

5.      What are the difference between Mind conscious and Self conscious?
Sl No.
Mind Conscious
Self Conscious
Awareness of mind
Awareness of Consciousness
Mind being a Master
Consciousness is the Master
Body, Objects are important
Peace, Bliss and Love are important
Interact with thoughts
Interact with values
Expectations, Competitions
Contentment, Good wishes
Physical limited awareness
Non-physical unlimited awareness
Desire and Needs
Hope and Satisfaction
See through eyes
See through third eye
Pain and sorrow with limited happiness
Constantly Peaceful, loving and blissful

6.      When others are suffering, how can we be happy?
In-fact, people are suffering due to illusion of ‘I’ . When they realize the illusionary dream / imaginary drama, very next moment, they become sweet and blissful.
And truth is, Consciousness is ever blissful but it undergoes pain and suffering because it gets attached with non-existing (illusionary) ego –‘I’ of mind.
The illusionary ego - ‘I’ gives undue importance to the physical body which is only an object like a car or any other vehicle. In real life, we don’t become unhappy when a car get damaged or meet with an accident and driver is safe. Here, the consciousness is always safe but only experience feelings by attaching to the imaginary-illusionary mind/thoughts/senses. Being detached, the self remains in peace, love and bliss constantly.

So, the real help to others is not to become unhappy when others are unhappy but to make them become self aware instantly, so that they remain peaceful, blissful and happy free from illusionary mind and its creations.


  1. Truly a new concept need more refinement on it.

  2. Avyakt murli of 11.03.1971 gives refined knowledge on soul consciousness:

    1. Increase the practice of being able to stabilize your intellect whenever yoy wish.

    2. Have to develop disinterest in the old habits, old sanskars, old things, old world and old relations.

    3. When you turn your face towards maya, you are not able to face the situations that come from maya. If you do not turn your face towards her, you will be able to face the situations created by maya.

    4. When you become detached from the things of this world and the relations of this world, you will be loved by the God and the entire world.You must not simply be detached externally. There should not be attachment of the mind either.

    5. Have the consciousness of the soul clearly and for a long time constantly to emerge the golden age sanskars.

    6. To be egoless means to be simple. To be free from anger, greed means to be simple. Simplicity is the method for purity.

  3. In Avyakt Murli of 13.3.71, BapDada says:

    Do you experience the slightest trace of distress or sub-servience to your thoughts or situations of the body, or have you gone beyond even that?

    When you are free from bondages, you will not be under the influence of mind, that is, you will not be influenced by wasteful thoughts. You will have full control over your wasteful
    thoughts.You will not be influenced by the circumstances either. You will have full power to be able to face all circumstances.

    Put into practice these two words: "Sakshi and Saathi", "Detached observer and Company (of God)". Then you very quickly be able to create the stage of being free from all bondages.

    Be a detached observer and perform all tasks through the body just for the namesake.